Text from the exhibition at The Sarasota Art Center

More than a year ago, An Onghena started a project in which she printed one work every day. In a chronologic sequence, Onghena experiments with the terms ‘edition and series’, aspects that always play an important role in her work. The rules to produce the works are simple but strict: a black and white print on paper (31 x 21,5 cm). The content, such as images, drawings and texts, is based upon encounters with media, news and people, that happen on a daily basis.

In this exhibition -the first presentation of the project- An Onghena presents a large selection of prints. These works are installed into a variety of series where they have the freedom to tell new stories. The full installation can be seen as one unique piece of work. In addition, there will be ten new books developed for the exhibition. Just like the installation, the books play with the aspect of edition, series, and ongoing sequences. A publication can be made out of one daily print or it can carry as many as 365 prints.

86,34 is the title of the first presentation of the project. The title is based on the dimension of the space, which plays an important role in the outcome of the project. Every other location will give a new interpretation to the work.

Under: images of the installation and books