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An Onghena is a resident at the Jan Van Eyck Academie, a multiform institute for art, design and reflection. She graduated in 2014 as MA graphic design at St Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp. In 2016 she continued her research based practise at the postgraduate course Master of Research in Art & Design and she was awarded as laureate of Toegepast20 in z33.

In her projects, An works with information and data that she collects from books and online sources. In a twist of fiction and humor, she loves to explore the boundaries between science and art, fascinated by the systems behind and in an attempt to understand the world and the unknown. In another part of her practice she questions the role of the (artist)book and the use of printing techniques in this digital age.


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Bachelor Graphic design, Academy of Fine Arts Sint Lucas Antwerp

Master Graphic Design, Academy of Fine Arts Sint Lucas Antwerp
Intern The Office Of Paul Sahre, New York

Master Research in Art and Design [EN] Sint Lucas Antwerp
Laureate Toegepast20, Hasselt

Teaching Degree - Hoger Instituut der Kempen, Geel

Artist-in-Residence, Jan Van Eyck Academie



World atlas of mysteries, Waanzin exhibition, Antwerp

still, Master exhibition, Acadamy of Fine Arts, Sint Lucas Antwerp
still + research, Buzzkruid, Designcenter De Winkelhaak, Antwerp
Environmental art piece, Suomussalmi, Finland
The year 2525, One Armed Man, ‘t Groen Kwartier, Antwerp
Iron Human Unfold, Designcenter De Winkelhaak Antwerp
Kanarie in de ijstaart, RUIS Collectief, Antwerp
still, Travelers on the earth, European Schools, Wuhan China
Lecture, Conference Travelers on the earth, European Schools, Wuhan China

What still remains, Expo Lucas Prise, Sint Lucas Antwerp
What still remains, Destination Unknown - Chambre National and Collectiv National, Antwerp
still, De Invasie Toont - Ghent
Pop-up-to-date, RUIS Collectief - group project
still, Daybreak, Chinese and European contemporary young artists, Wuhan China
Magic Mushrooms, 20 Years of Toegepast, C-Mine, Genk
Googolplexian, Toegepast20, Hasselt, Group Show

Googolplexian, Self publishing evening with RUIS, Tique, Antwerp
Black Mountain, Masters of research in art and design, Hole of the Fox
Black Mountain, Broodnodig, Kunstnacht, Hasselt
Analysis on the other side of the moon, Tradition Doesn’t Graduate, Komplot, Brussels
Analysis on the other side of the moon, The Sideshow, RUIS Collectief
Not because it pays, because it matters, self publishing evening, RUIS Collectief
kabinet overview, Happily Ever After, DOP Platform, Antwerp
Print matters, Hypermarkt, Plantin Moretus Museum, Antwerp
Bling bling always win, Manama Papers, SD Worx, Antwerp

Blacking out black holes, Typp-publication, Sint Lucas Antwerp
(Re-)Inauguration Margaret Van Eyck Academie - mimeography
Talk Integrated Conference - deSingel Antwerp
Performance for the book
, Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht